Connecting Your Interior to Your Exterior

Our elegantly designed and excellently installed aluminium bi-fold doors are the perfect addition to any modern or traditional home in Northallerton. The slimmer frames that these Origin systems use, has multiple benefits for your home including improved energy and thermal efficiency, increased security and are more visually appealing.

To improve thermal efficiency, our bi-fold doors are constructed to be firstly, weather resistant and secondly, with outstanding heat retention to keep your home warm in the winter months and to subsequently allow you to use your heating less. However, this does not lessen the new connection you will feel with the outside as the larger glazing area brings your home closer to nature with the increased natural light and outside views of Northallerton.

Enjoy a safer home with our bi-fold doors, which have been fitted with the most effective security locking systems, which will ensure optimum assurance for you and your family. These home advantages that our bi-fold doors bring demonstrate how Synergy can provide the perfect enhancement to your Northallerton home.

WarmCore Features

Guaranteed Standards

The 10-year-guarantee that comes with your bi-fold doors, gives all our customers in Northallerton the assurance that they are purchasing the highest quality in our products. It also ensures that the bi-fold doors provide luxury, which will be long-lasting and therefore be a valuable contribution to your home.


As we are aware that homes in Northallerton will vary from traditional to modern, we have ensured that our bi-fold doors can be tailored specifically to suit your house exceptionally. We do this by allowing you to choose every aspect of your doors, such as the colour of panels, the number of panels and the opening configuration.

Weather Protection

Our bi-fold doors are produced to optimise your comfort in all aspects, which is why they are fitted with weatherstrips and can be triple glazed to protect your home from the harshest of weathers. This will prevent cold air entering your home, whilst still maintaining the outstanding visual design of our doors.

Unique Profile

At Synergy we want to offer you a unique experience throughout your purchase, which is why we use Origin. They use specific methods to create the doors to the highest quality possible, using the best materials. This is combined with our expertise in offering and installing the doors to your home, which guarantees the best transformation that you are looking for.

The 8-point locking system gives you confidence in the safety of your home. This is due to the high-strength materials used to manufacture the aluminium bi-fold doors, which means the length of the door sash, the hinges and the rollers are as strong as possible.

The personal and homely feel that can be added to these doors is in your hands, by choosing from multiple colours, multiple configuration options and multiple threshold options. All of these also ensure thermal efficiency, which contributes further to the high quality and comfort brought to your Northallerton home from our doors.

Colour Options

Customise our aluminium bi-fold doors to suit your house through our selection of deluxe colours, including Black, Grey, Cream and White. We also offer a collection of hardware colours, such as Brushed Granite, Matt Black and Satin Silver. This choice of decoration will leave you knowing your doors will be tailored perfectly for the design of your house.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Northallerton

If you are interested in our aluminium bi-fold doors, then visit our online quoting engine. Here you can find a free, instant and competitive quote for your Northallerton home that a member of our specialist team can provide you. This will allow you to discover the wide variety of specifications that you can choose to suit your home specifically, and get a price that is precise for you. Alternatively, one of our experts can answer any further questions you may have on our bi-fold doors and other products if you wish you find out more.



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