Conservatory Roofs In Richmond

Synergy’s conservatory roofs could be the solution you’ve been looking for in your Richmond home. If you have a conservatory already, you might find that you never feel like you can use the space. Unfortunately, some older builds are known for issues when it comes to dealing with heat.

If your conservatory uses single-glazed glass, old plastic frames, or a thin, cheap roof, then all these things could be causing heat to escape from your home. Not only that, but in the summer, light and heat can get in too easily with no way to escape, meaning the build can become uncomfortably hot as well.

However, rather than build a new space entirely, replacing the roof could solve a lot of these problems. The top of your build comes into the most contact with the sun, meaning it plays a crucial role in keeping your conservatory cool. At Synergy, we offer a wide range of conservatory roofs which are made-to-measure for your home.

We supply leading designs from companies like Global, and we offer tiled and solid roofs as well as glass ones. That way, you can get a roof that suits your home precisely. And, with our range of customisable options, you can make your space look as good as it will feel too.

Conservatory Roof Features

Versatile System

All conservatories are different. So why should their roofs be the same? At Synergy, we make sure all of our conservatory roofs are versatile choices, meaning they'll all make your Richmond home warmer and more usable all year round. Also, our range is versatile in itself. With options like solid roofs, which use a mixture of slate and concrete to blend seamlessly with your home, to tiled roofs which can combine timeless looks with cutting-edge insulation, there's a roof for all.


With new conservatory roofs, you don't have to replace the whole room. A brand-new conservatory can cost tens of thousands of pounds, and you won't be expanding your home. Instead, you can reclaim the space you already have for much less cost. A new conservatory roof, as a replacement, is far more cost-effective. Not only that, but you can free up more room across the rest of your home, as you'll be able to use your space for more purposes than ever before.

Durable and Secure

With new conservatory roofs from Synergy, you'll get privacy and security. Our modern ceilings are all structurally sound designs, and they won't place any strain on your current build. Additionally, they can deal with anything the outside world can throw at them. Whether it's double glazing, lightweight tiles, or a solid structure, your roof will be fully weatherproof, keeping wind, rain and cold air out. And some feature water-tight gaps for ventilation too to deal with excess heat.

Conservatory Roof Styles in Richmond

We’re proud to offer a broad range of conservatory roofs for your home in Richmond. Each one has a unique design, but the benefits are usually the same: a more comfortable conservatory where you have control.

We supply and install Global’s roofing systems, as well as solid, Supalite and Wetherald roof systems. Also, for an addition that creates a new centrepiece in your home, you could invest in one of our roof lanterns. The roof lantern is a vaulted glass skylight at the centre of the build, giving you stunning natural light and gorgeous views of the sky above.

Each one of our designs has superb thermal efficiency. That means they’ll improve your conservatory’s insulation, stopping your room becoming too cold in winter and stiflingly hot in summer. Because of this, you won’t have to rely as much on your central heating, and you’ll save money on your energy bills.

You could even pay the cost of your investment back over time! Not only that, but you’ll have more ways to use your conservatory. With more warmth and comfort, you could create a home office, a new lounge, or a playroom – the possibilities will be at your fingertips.

Customisable Conservatory Roofs

The possibilities don't stop when it comes to what conservatory roofs you'd like for your Richmond home. Instead, you can continue to customise the design with unique colours, finishes and accessories. For example, you can modify the look of each tile in one of our tiled ceilings, or add partial glazing to a solid roof to better control your home's lighting. Either way, you can choose a bespoke design that stands out anywhere, so you don't have to settle for an off-the-shelf ceiling.

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Conservatory Roofs Prices Richmond

If you’d like to find out more about our conservatory roofs for your Richmond home, get in touch with Synergy today! We’re a local business with a dedicated installation team so that you can work with us at every step of the process.

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