A Great Replacement Window

The sash windows we install are the best upgrade for Richmond homeowners looking to replace old timber or wooden sash styles. These uPVC windows are created to mimic the detailing and look of traditional timber but offer all of the benefits of modern uPVC. Unlike wooden windows, the uPVC design will continue to retain its quality, even after constant exposure to the changeable North Yorkshire weather. The frame of the window will not bow, warp, crack or flake, only requiring an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

For Richmond customers wanting to mimic the timber window look, a woodgrain foil on our sash windows delivers this. Unlike the timber design, you won’t face the same high maintenance headaches. This means you can add character to your North Yorkshire home through these Vertical Sliding Windows. Or you can choose a bolder colour, making the window stand out from your property.

uPVC Doors Benefits

Guaranteed Quality

You can have complete peace of mind you've selected the best product for your Richmond home when you've invested in our sash windows. Each of our uPVC windows is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee. This gives the North Yorkshire homeowner peace of mind that if something goes wrong with the window within this time, our team will make sure to fix it.

Tilt Function

Unlike the timber windows these look to replace, our uPVC sash windows are low maintenance by design. To make the overall maintenance easier, these windows are designed with an inward tilting pane. This allows for easy and safe cleaning from within your Richmond home. This makes these windows the perfect option for homeowners in high-rise buildings.

Authentic Sash Detailing

Although manufactured with uPVC, our sash windows mimic traditional timber joinery. You can enjoy an authentic heritage feel for your window through Astragal Glazing Bars, Decorative Sash Horns and traditional-style operating hardware available. This allows you to add character to your Richmond home through these windows.

Energy Efficient Design

You can do your bit for the local environment by selecting our sash windows for your Richmond home. The uPVC frame is multi-chambered and works alongside the panes of double glazing. This will trap pockets of warm air within your North Yorkshire home year-round. The thermal performance of our vertical sliding windows is so high that it can achieve an ‘A’ rated standard.

As our sash windows retain natural warmth within your Richmond property for longer, you’ll be able to rely less on your central heating for natural warmth. This will reduce your energy bills, freeing up money that can be spent on the things you want and need. With less energy consumed within the North Yorkshire property overall, the carbon footprint of your home will reduce.

21st-Century Security

You’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing your sash windows will secure your Richmond home against 21st-century burglary methods. The multi-chambered build of the uPVC frame offers an excellent level of strength and ridigity. When this is combined with the panes of glazing and locks, it creates a high level of security across the whole window frame.

The best locks are added to the design of our vertical sash windows. This helps to remove any potential weak spots from the frame which could be exploited. By choosing Synergy Windows & Conservatories, you can have the complete peace of mind your home is secure and your loved ones are protected.

Suited to You

We know that all Richmond properties are different. That's why we put our North Yorkshire customers in total control over the design and build of our sash windows. Our windows can be decorated in a range of colour and woodgrain foils. The Richmond homeowner can choose solid white, or go for something that will stand out on their sash windows, such as Chartwell Green.

It's not just the colour that can be selected for our sash windows. You will have the choice of several different hardware options. This includes white pale eye, golden sash lift, chrome tilt knob, satin chrome lock, Astragal bars, Georgian bars and run through sash horns. By having this selection, you can easily add or retain the overall character of your Richmond home. By choosing sash windows from Synergy Windows, you can truly get a uPVC window that matches the look of your property.

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Or why not reach out to our team to discuss your uPVC sash windows. You can either fill out our online contact form or call us on 01325 527 538. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Differences Between Double and Triple Glazing

The main difference between double and triple glazing, besides the obvious, is the thermal efficiency standard that they each achieve. In short, a triple glazed window will keep the warmth in your home for a longer period of time. This is measured by something known as a 'U-Value', which is a measurement of thermal transmittance (the heat exiting your home). The lower the U-Value, the better the thermal efficiency. With this in mind, triple glazed windows have a lower U-Value than double glazed windows.







































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